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Yes we have the option of a full tour including a drive to the top of our property to see the magnificent views and a tour which includes seeing sheep being shorn, dogs working and an opportunity to help feed the hens and collect their eggs, feed the pigs and feed and pat the ponies. There are times like the lambing season where farm access is very limited or in our busy times on the farm when we may not be available but please message us via our contact page to find out more. Farm tours need to be booked well in advance of your stay. If you are doing the Otago Central Rail Trail and wish to do a farm tour, we recommend you book a 2 night stay to fit this in. You must book accommodation with us in order to do a farm tour.

Yes, for one night stays your rate does include breakfast. If you are staying for multiple nights and don’t want us to supply breakfast, we are able to reduce the nightly rate by $10 per person. This must be selected for the entire group for the discount to apply. We still do provide one loaf of bread in the breadmaker on your arrival as a welcoming gift. You will need us to enter your booking manually if we are to exclude the breakfast rate so please message us via the contact page with the house, adult/child number and dates so we can enter this booking for you.

We are a 20 minute scenic drive from the Hyde Railway Station. You have the option of selecting a self drive Toyota Estima vehicle (7 seater for The Farm Cottage) (8 seater for The Nenthorn Farmhouse) when you book via our website. This is $50 for a return trip to Havrincourt. You are able to use the vehicle to visit Stanley’s Hotel and/or do the Oceana Gold Self Drive tour. Additional charges will apply. If you are booking via an agent and require a vehicle, they will book this for you.

Sorry, but our Toyota Estima self drive vehicles do not have a tow ball or bike racks supplied. If you have 1-2 bikes and don’t require the back two rows of seats you may be able to fit them in the back of the vehicle however we ask that you ensure you don’t scratch the interior of the vehicle by doing so bring some fabric items to use as padding where required. There is a lock up room at the Hyde Railway Station where the vehicles are parked and we can provide you with the combination to access this room for your bikes and there are plenty of places to safely chain up your bikes.

Yes, we have a short walk up to Billy’s Ridge adjacent to The Nenthorn Farmhouse to get views of magnificent schist outcrops and a 360 degree view of the Nenthorn and Moonlight Valley’s and beyond. This walk is accessible for most of the year except lambing time from Sept until about the end of October. We do ask that you message us to let us know you are doing the walk as it’s important we know people are out and about on our property. If you want to venture further on the farm, it is by arrangement only for the safety and welfare of our guests, family and animals.

Yes we do have some great spots for fishing close by. The Nenthorn Ponds are just down the road on the neighbouring property and are regularly stocked by Fish and Game. We also have river access to the Nethorn Stream for those who like to fly fish. You will need to bring your own fishing gear and have a current NZ fishing licence.

Yes there certainly.  Visit to see what our area has to offer and for options under 1 hrs drive from your accommodation visit our explore page

There is unlimited wifi at both houses so bringing your laptop with you for a working holiday is certainly an option as is streaming a movie to watch and stream to the TV in your accommodation. There is cell phone reception at The Farm Cottage but not at The Nenthorn Farmhouse. You will have to go for a short walk or drive of about 700m to get reception or you can ensure you have the wifi calling setting activated on your cellphone to make sure you can receive calls via wifi rather than the cellular network. Many of our guests relish the opportunity to switch off their phones and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, but if it means getting your teenagers to join you on a family break, we cater for all options!

Yes absolutely. We are more than happy to accommodate children. We have children ourselves so have tried to make your stay as child friendly as possible. We have 1 portacot available, bamboo plates for children and a small selection of games and toys in each house. The Nenthorn Farmhouse is fully fenced but has the slow flowing Nenthorn Stream close by so depending on the ages of your children, it’s something to be aware of. It’s a great place for the kids to be kids and have a splash and play in the stream. 

Absolutely yes. The fires will be set on your arrival with newspaper and pine cones with matches provided. You can light them if you wish and there is plenty of firewood. There is wood by each fire and more on the veranda.  If you wish to light them again, there is spare newspaper and cones available and more wood in the woodshed if you require it however we don’t come and set the fire for you again. There is a fireguard for each fire but we ask that you don’t leave the house with the fires fully loaded with burning wood.

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